Cellar Vines

Ragusa red

Quality wine of controlled origin made from local sorts of grapes: Vranac, Plavac, Kadarun and Dalmatinka. Under the climatic conditions in Konavle, they give a wine of harmonized varietal features, without the characteristic and repelling harshness. Alcohol: 12 to 13%; total acids: 5 to 7 g/l; extract: 21 to 27 g/l. Light red. Its intensive fruit smell of plums and blackberries hides hues of tobacco and laurel. Juicy and refreshing with lots of fruit, cherries and blackberries, the aftertaste is well balanced and fresh. Ideal companion to light fish meals and fresh salads lightly chilled on the terrace. Suggested temperature of consumption: 16°C-18°C.