Cellar Vines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Quality red wine made of the namesake sort. Of exceptional quality and potentials because of the clear varietal features, the wine is harmonious, of rich smell and aroma qualifying for a superior classification. Alcohol content: 12 to 13; total acids: 5 to 6.5 g/l; extract: 22 to 29 g/l.
Intensive deep red colour. Quite intensive varietal characteristic smell with light impressions of black currant supported with vegetal hues of pepper, finely balanced with fluffy tones of coffee and vanilla, of attractive and seducing bouquet. Fresh and fruity in contact with the palate, of strong body relying on ripe tannin and fresh acids that keep the fine poise, with a dominating taste of chocolate and black coffee laid upon ripe wild fruit in the aftertaste. Excellent companion to slightly spiced meat dishes, beefsteaks, also of 'pasticada' - the genuine Dalmatian beef stew. Suggested consumption at a temperature between 16°C and 18°C.