Cellar Vines

By the oldest legends about the origins of the city, it was Saint Blaise to raise Dubrovnik on his almighty hands in order to bring it closer up to heavens and to the Lord. The immense creation was supported by the sea which flooded the stone foundations making the city sail first as a gigantic karaka (Dubrovnik-built type of wooden ship) and then, as if carried by a breeze, the city rose up and spread over the palms of its saint protector. Angelic music resounded from the universe, the sun set the horizon on fire, the wine - purple red just like the saint's robe, golden and glittering just like his scepter and the embroidered habit, started flowing from the coast, from the hills of stone as white as are the walls of the city, and from the vineyards which, they say, have always descended down towards the sea. From that moment on, says the legend, constantly inspired by the wine from Konavle with his each meal, the saint has carried the city through the endlessness of the universe, without any toil or effort, the tender and obsessive aroma of the wine endearing the small Republic, up there among the stars.