Stemming from the world renowned Pero Kolić Cellars founded in 1876, Dubrovački podrumi d.d. is the leading producer of the viticulture in Konavle by the range and quality of its products. The Gruda Winery was a technologically up-to-date establishment when founded back in 1963 with a capacity of 250 wagons; re- modernized and refurbished at several occasions, it eventually reached its present capacity of 750 wagons. Some 157 hectares of net vineyards have been organized in the Konavle Valley.
Devastated and burnt just like the rest of the area in the Homeland War in 1990s, the company found the power to revitalize the destroyed vineyards. Latest equipment for stabilization, filtering and bottling (2000 bottles per hour) was implanted in 2002.

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